Plaza Hotel Valet Service Offers Car Detailing

New Plaza Hotel Valet Services That Specializes In Car Detailing

car detailing - interiorThe new Plaza Hotel is reported to offer a valet service like nothing seen before. Apparently, there will be multiple membership levels for regulars that will offer everything from gas fills to full interior/exterior car detailing services. The Plaza has long been known for their customer service and trailblazing innovations, but this news comes as a surprise to guests who welcome the idea of additional automotive car detailing services being offered at the time of check-in. The Plaza reached out to an automotive car detailing service in Oklahoma that provided a service similar to Chase Detailing. The Oklahoma based car detailer stated that their use of superior cleaning materials and solutions was the reason behind the consultation. Their car detailing efforts have been used on the set of major Hollywood films and on the fleet of local police vehicles. The auto detailing services include detailed interior cleaning, and polishing of the dash and console area. The floors are vacuumed as are the seats. A fresh scent will await you as you enter your vehicle for the first time since checking in with a member of the valet team. The exterior detailing will consist of tire polishing, rim polishing, streak free window cleaning, bumper detail, windshield wiper cleaning and replacement, and grill detail. Often times the grill detail is limited to the exterior, but at the Plaza, they will actually lift the hood of your car and detail the radiator area to make sure that the filter is kept clean for future travels. There will also be a custom inspection chart filled out and left for you in the passenger seat. This chart will detail any damage noticed on the car like chips and dings in the doors. Tire pressure will be measured and oil quality will be documented. If the car is need of extensive attention then recommendations will be made accordingly to help facilitate proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming events and featured services here at the Plaza.

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Removing Hydrogen Sulfide From Biogas The Right Way

Hydrogen sulfide is nothing but a contaminant that is present in biogas. It is known to cause corrosion to instrumentation, equipment, and piping. The presence of different elements within biogas does have an effect on the end-use. Boilers may be able to tolerate hydrogen sulfide till 1000ppm. However, combustion engines work the best when the H2S is below 1000ppm. The technique used for extracting hydrogen sulfide is internal.

How To Remove Hydrogen sulfide From Biogas

This is mostly done by utilizing Micro-organism. The organisms used are from the Thiobacillus. For the oxidation process of sulfide, oxygen needs to be added to biogas. However, the amount of oxygen will depend on the amount of hydrogen sulfide present in the biogas.

The simplest technique of desulphurization is to ad oxygen within the digester or even a tank that serves as storage. The Thiobaclli are then introduced and are not inoculated. They expand on the top of the digestive, this also provides the surface needed and the required nutrients. They create yellow patches of sulfur. The quantity of sulfur removal from natural gas will totally depend on the flow of air, the time is taken for the reaction, and temperature. If these are in perfect combination then the sulfur content can be brought down by 95%.

The process is not so simple as it sounds a lot of safety measures. The measure is to make sure that no overdosing happens if the pumps fail. Biogas when exposed to air can be explosive, if the methane content is high.

An Overview Of Dosing Using Iron Chloride

Iron Chloride is administered directly within the digester, which is in a storage tank. Iron chloride starts a reaction with the hydrogen sulfide and then we get iron sulfide in the form of salt particles. This technique works wonders for H2S removal from biogas. After this, the biogas can be used as fuel for various vehicles. However, this is only good for partial removal as it prevents corrosion of equipment. This technique is usually combined with another removal method to bring the levels down to 10ppm.

Removal Using Carbon

Removing hydrogen sulfide from little portions of biogas can be done through carbon that is nonpolar-activated as it acts as the perfect sorbent. You have to remember that activated carbon has a very limited capacity to absorb.

Latest Findings

Different impregnated sorbents have been tested at various stages of reaction. The results revealed that the absorption of Hydrogen sulfide removal depends on the reaction conditions. To pick the perfect sorbent it is good to know about the water, oxygen, and gas content within biogas.

Wrapping Up

The good news is that this process does not require heavy investment as the equipment only consists of a dosing pump and a tank to hold the solution of iron chloride. The cost of operation may be high because of iron chloride. So, this is all you need to know about the removal process of hydrogen sulfide from Biogas. The process is always undergoing changes to make things easier.

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What Are The Advantages of Staying in a Golf Resort?

Those who love to play golf will always be delighted and enjoy their stay in a golf resort. The benefit is that you do not need to walk very far and the golf course will be just in front of your eyes. You only need to take few steps and start to enjoy your game. In case if you are not a person who knows to play it you can learn few tips from the coach as well. In spite of all the things the greenery is something that will always make you feel good about the golf resort.

Breathtaking Views

The view of all the Michigan golf resorts are amazing and you will love to watch the views. The greenery is something that will mesmerize you like anything. In order to maintain the view there are many people who are engaged in maintaining the overall beauty and charm of the golf course.

Noise Free

As the course occupies more space there will hardly be any noise of vehicles or humans. You will be able to concentrate on your game and enjoy it to the fullest. Apart from enjoy golf you will also able to relax your-self in the best possible manner. You will get see different birds and enjoy listening to their different sounds. These sounds are very soothing and will completely relx your mind, body and soul.


If you have made up your mind for staying in a golf resort you are a sensible person. The privacy that you will be getting will never upset to for having paid for staying in a resort that has a good and well maintained golf course. So, all those who are not interested in playing golf but their sole purpose is privacy should never miss out booking for it.

Luxury Accommodation and Good Weather

If the resort is having a golf course it goes without saying that the resort will be excellent one. However, the charges that you will have to pay shall be on a little bit higher side keep in mind the luxury accommodation. But the fact is that you will not mind paying it and you will be satisfied after your stay in such resort.

Those who are willing to enjoy good weather with their friends and family should not miss out booking for Michigan golf trips. You will not only enjoy good weather but you will also enjoy some of the amazing views as well. Mornings will be peaceful and you can even go for a walk. If you prefer, you can have a cup of coffee or tea sitting in the balcony of your resort room.

Remember a golf resort is meant for all and it will suit all your needs in the best possible manner. So, if you are thinking to book for vacation trip there can be no better choice then booking for a golf resort. You will surely take back sweet memories and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Renovating The Hotel Lobby

Remodeling Our Entryway And Lobby Area

custom entry area of the hotel

It’s been years since the entryway to our facility sparkled with a finish that welcomed visitors. After some of our rooms were renovated, we took notice of the entry area and made some extreme improvements. The outdated flooring was torn out and replaced with some modern tile work. We added mirrors to the walls to create depth and make the area appear more spacious than it is. Some additional lounge chairs, a couch, and a television set added a much needed lounge feel, giving visitors the opportunity to sit down for a drink and mingle amongst each other. We hired a custom home builder in Oklahoma to draw up the plans and coordinate the renovation. They then managed a local construction crew for demolition and remodel. It took about a day to tear everything out and prepare the interior lobby for the new makeover. Guests were temporarily re-routed to the rear entry where we had a temporary visitors desk setup for check-in and check-out. After the tear out was complete they started with the vanity cabinetry, wall decor, and painting. Soon after that was completed they moved on to installing the flooring which took an extra day because they were short on supplies needed to finish the job. The floors finished up and then the ceiling work was completed that included a new lighting system that added ambience to the foyer area. A custom sound system was also installed that included an integrated PA system for announcements. A bluetooth streaming system was also installed for easy access to channels and playlists for the lobby area. Multiple flat screen displays were also installed with pre-produced video loops that featured our property, menu items, and general news regarding the Plaza Hotel Villa. we are excited about this newly renovated lobby area going into 2018 and expect to have visitors here for the 2017 holiday season which is upon us now. Definitely exciting times for the Hotel.

OKC Hotel Installs Storm Shelter

Oklahoma City Hotel Storm Shelter

In the mid west there are plenty of hotels that have turned basement storage spaces into full blown survival bunkers for guests. The notion of employing a bunker for shelter during times of tragedy is not anything new. No matter how technology has impacted bunker designs over the last twenty decades, they are still designed with the same end result. Surviving the elements. This could be a tornado ripping through Oklahoma, or a zombie apocalypse in the suburbs of New York. A survival bunker is a handy thing to have no matter where you live. Some of these hotels just may have the best Oklahoma City storm shelters around.

For the purposes of temporary shelter, most fundamental underground bunkers will function as expected. When it comes time to duck a tornado, even some home made bunkers are sufficient for the couple of hours you might need to seek a spot to lay low as the tornado passes.

storm bunker in hotel basementThere are a variety of underground bunkers which are commercially available and possibly economical to the standards of the average American. Typically these bunkers involve what’s basically a huge steel culvert (10-foot diameter pipe) that’s been altered to incorporate several conveniences, fundamental entry and exit, and quite a fundamental air filtration system. Such pre-made bunkers can cost in excess of $50,000.00 and also the costs to transfer and bury the bunker at the desirable location, using a entire price under $100K. In fact, there are just a few programs where the proprietors of this type of vine might be given a fair return on the investments made into this underground bunker. The most plausible use of this a bunker depending upon statistical phenomenon of natural disasters is to escape tornadoes, which can be of course short term events. There are possibly a couple different situations where a bunker may serve a mathematically logical purpose, no matter how the probability of such occasions are distant. And in any case, there are numerous reasons why the occupants of these bunkers will in most instances be not able to remain underground long-term for over a few weeks.

When thinking about the expenses associated with any bunker undertaking, it surely makes sense to get some type of insurance coverage in place to pay for the hive as well as its contents from loss due to vandalism or theft. But given the places of the majority of bunkers, most insurance companies will not offer you any sort of policy, so the capital investment that’s made for the issuer as well as its contents (which may exceed the expenses of this bunker) won’t be insured.

Obviously if money is no object, you can buy a complex military-grade bunker costing tens of thousands of dollars, that will faithfully serve the functions associated with long-term underground habitation during long-term catastrophe situations.

All these ‘bunkers’ are made by experts and integrate technologically advanced life support programs, in addition to various military-grade safety steps, also costing thousands and thousands of dollars plus much more. They also include complex measures which help to prevent psychological issues from growing during such long term underground remains, where morale could be seriously affected resulting in acute social and safety issues.

Too a lot of individuals wrongly feel you could endure long-term underground at the more economical underground bunkers. As only one easy example; the majority of individuals do not recognize that a household of four individuals will create anywhere from 5-7 gallons of water out of respiration and sweat in their surroundings every 24 hours. This moisture will condense on the walls and ceiling of any underground arrangement and will over time accumulate on the ground (lowest point from the vine) of this bunker. After a about a week, the water which has condensed becomes filthy with fungus, viruses and bacteria along with also the odor of the poisonous liquid will permeate the environment. The equipment necessary to protect against this (just one of several issues) from occurring isn’t just costly, but demands a great deal of energy to function, continuously.

Another frequent misconception about survivalists and Preppers is the fact that any feather is going to be a key from different individuals. I’m likely to break the news to these people however, OPSEC in this and a number of other things was dead for quite a while. In respect to bunkers; there are dozens and dozens of advanced satellites which are orbiting the globe that are looking-down all the time. For the previous twenty decades, a few of those satellites have been scanning the earth searching for sources like petroleum, water and mineral deposits, and at that assignment, they gather and save mountains of information linked to the possessions of their earth below. This intricate data can and has been re-accessed with re-tooled search algorithms which may be made to locate and catalogue some other underground facilities, even as little as a vehicle buried underground. And today with the debut of the most recent super-computers, running a search of this archived date and cataloging (using Latitude & Longitude information) these search results are extremely straightforward and easy for any government company. In actuality, a lot of the satellite information can be bought by private parties in addition to foreign entities and also the very same searches could be undertaken. Only 1 facet of the data (and fresh information being gathered now) is being used to find little underground tunnels in the U.S. boundaries where drugs, cash and people are being smuggled in and from the U.S.

Tactically speaking, it’s also very important to give careful attention to what you’d do during long-term emergencies in case your bunker was detected while you’re occupying it. Many individuals don’t realize how simple it’s to defeat a civilian tier bunker. Employing easy store-bought infrared vision apparatus aggressors can find; some infrared surveillance that may be employed from the bunker to discover approaching individuals, the warmth of a bunker for example its air intakes and exhausts, in addition to entrances and exits. After these things are noted, the bunker could be approached and overtaken using a variety of methods; just blocking the air vents can force the occupants to emerge after a moment. Naturally there’s also the very real threat that debris can protect and permanently block the entrance and exit into a bunker, thus trapping the folks inside, at which stage a vine becomes a grave.

Thinking about the use-rate, the prices and the dangers, bunkers aren’t exactly the slam-dunk solution that a lot of folks would have you think.

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New Destinations For NC Cruise Specialist

Plaza Hotel SeVilla Becomes a Cruise Destination Offered By Huntersville NC Travel Agency

huntersville nc cruise specialistWe are excited to announce that we have partnered with a travel agency in Huntersville North Carolina that has added our hotels to their destination package. Now travelers have the option to choose Plaza Hotel SeVilla as a destination resort when booking with ATWT (Around The World Travel) in Mooresville, North Carolina. Cruise ships will depart their respective ports and travel through the earths water in elegant fashion prior to landing along the shores of Spain where they will be whisked away for a sunset dinner that will included fresh seafood and local produce grown by Spanish farmers in our community. The cruise ship will dock for three nights and allow passengers to explore the all the local amenities that include boutique shops featuring designs from local artists, fine Spanish cuisine from some of Spain’s top up and coming chefs.

More About Around The World Travel

Here are some testimonials gathered from the website: 

“Dear Julie: Adam and I can’t tell you how thankful we are to have had you help us take this awesome trip.  Our honeymoon was fabulous thanks to you!  We’ll be seeing you in Huntersville real soon. Love Jenna & Adam”
The Thompsons – Candler, NC

“Hi Julie:Just wanted to tell you thanks for making our anniversary a great one. The Signature Hotel was wonderful! The flight was great! Overall, we were just happy that we chose you. Again, I want to say that you came highly recommended by my friend, Mike. Thanks, The Harley’s”
The Harleys – Charlotte, NC

“Hi Julie: Our trip was wonderful! We were able to relax, we were pretty good at the eating and drinking part too!! The resort was very clean and well taken care of. The staff was incredible as well. We had a blast and I thank you so much for helping us. We’ll talk to you next time we plan a trip!!”
The Gibsons – Apalachin, NY

“Hey Julie: We had a blast!! We were so sad Sunday morning! We had zero rain! Just a sprinkle as we left Tampa. Thanks for all your help! You were great! We’ll be calling soon to go to eastern islands!!”
The Littles – Marshville, NC

“Julie: That cruise was amazing, you are definitely the most personable travel agent in Huntersville NC. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our needs and design the perfect anniversary cruise for me and my wife.”
Dr Doyle – Huntersville, NC



Remodel Gives New Look To Tulsa Resort

Updating An Outdated Look

One of our sister hotels in Tulsa, Oklahoma has undergone a major facelift. From landscape and court yards, to roof tops, and flooring. The furniture choice was also an epic upgrade that complimented the new hardwood floors. The custom oak flooring was an added feature that has brought a look and feel of sophistication to this aged property. Equipped with flat screen TV’s and plush leather seating across the lounge and in the interior of the rooms this resort upgrade deserves a 5 star acknowledgment from it’s peers in and around Tulsa.

New Landscape

tulsa location updated landscapeThe new garden area is a cosmetic upgrade from the older outdated lawns that once covered the front of the property. A man made river bed flowing under the feat of guests as they enter the resorts front entrance is an added touch that sets the property apart from other resorts in Tulsa. The inclusion of shrubs and trees native to Oklahoma added to the home town feel and made even local residence pause in awe at the beautiful work done by ownership.

New Interior Lounge

The lounge area has much improved compared to the outdated design it was before. With modern lighting fixtures, mirrors, a raised ceiling, and new floors this lounge is one that you would not recognize if you had previously been a patron of the resort. The new dining area also offers a more intimate setting, with recessed mood lighting and dimmer switches accessible at each table giving diners the opportunity to make the setting a little more romantic if needed.

Best Overall New Feature – Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooring improves modern lookOverall, our favorite new feature has got to be the addition of the hardwood floors. Gone are the outdated tiles that looked warn and chipped. The new oak flooring is an incredible addition to the interior of this sprawling space. From the entry way, to the lounge, staircase, and rooms, the flooring runs uni-directional through the entire resort. Hand measured, configured, and installed by ( this oak wood flooring is a masterpiece and has easily been my favorite addition to the newly remodeled Tulsa resort.

Plaza Hotel Partners With Real Club Pineda

Real Club & and Plaza Hotel Partner For Summer Tournament

Real Club Pineda has officially partnered with Plaza Hotel to bring you the tournament of the summer. Details of the tournament can be found online. Top prizes include, but are not limited to new clubs, bags, hats, shirts, golf skirts, shoes, gift certificates, and more.

Room Rates:

Room rates will fluctuate depending on demand. This is a first come, first serve opportunity for anyone in the area looking to shack up for a few nights at a luxury hotel and get in a few rounds of golf. There will be evening activities that include a full buffet, open bar, live band, dancing, and raffle give aways.

Top Prizes Include Ruffled Golf Skirts:

The top 5 winners of the tournament can expect the following shop - hats, golf skirts, shirts, shorts.

Women’s Designer Golf Skirts

• Clubs

• Bag

• Shoes

………………….. and more.

Available In The Real Club Pro Shop:

• Bags

• Clubs

• Balls

• Gloves

• Cart Rentals

………………….. and more.

Local Tourism

The area has seen a recent spike in travel and tourism. Please read our reviews, check us out online, or call us and ask about our current room rates. As summer approaches, so do high temperatures. This increase in temperature forces us to use additional resources to power and cool the resort. If you find the circumstances unmanageable then please see a front desk clerk immediately with any complaints or concerns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accommodate your needs, pamper you, and prepare you for Golf. If you need extra assistance preparing for your stay, we have staff on hand that can provide local recommendations for restaurants and bars in the area that are not resort ran facilities. We would hope that once you stay at the resort, your preference will be to stay here. Our team of hospitality specialists make a living from treating people like you with the upmost amount of respect and care.

Different Kinds Of Shelters And What They’re Used For

Shelter is recorded as a physiological demand in accordance with the well-known Marlow. All of us need it to live. Occasionally the situation is serious, other times; it is only an issue of relaxation. Recorded here are the things they’re used for and four various kinds of shelters.

1. Bomb Shelters: Bomb shelters are a kind of civil defense made to guard from the consequences of a bomb. Shelters differ with respect to the power of the bombs used as well as the type of the assault. Air-raid shelters were constructed to guard against old bomber airplanes that could drop bombs over substantial regions, usually found in WWII. Thick walls were constructed from stuff that may block the radiation caused by a nuclear explosion out. These were popular throughout the Cold War. Bunkers and blast shelters tend to be more usually related to military use. Bomb shelters actually do possess the capacity to safeguard citizens.

2. Refugee Shelters: When located, these displaced people are brought to remain in the minimal kind of construction till they find someplace else to go at the place where they are able to sleep and eat. This is a transitional lodging of a nature that is very simple. Previously, refugee shelters have not generally continued a year and happen to be made of inferior stuff. You’ll find nevertheless, costs and dangers associated with carrying these shelters into regions with infrastructure that was damaged. Victims are also supporting to construct their very own shelters preserve dignity among individuals and to stimulate the area market.

3. Storm Shelters: Places which can be exceptionally vulnerable to twisters should have storm shelters constructed within their environment. Red Dirt Storm Shelters are molded concrete constructions buried in the earth.

4. Classroom Shelters: The three kinds of shelters listed above are used in catastrophic circumstances like twisters or war. Outdoor classrooms have been set up by many schools where pupils may learn and convene outside. They are protected by the shelter above their heads from your dangerous impacts of the rain or sunlight.

We all might not need some of the initial three, but shelter from your sunlight is crucial. The main thing would be to remain safe.

Your Commercial Ice Machine Wants a Filter

You get to your own favorite eatery. You begin looking through the menu and take a seat. A grinning waiter sets you glass of water down and welcomes you. You grin back, take a nip, and say thank you. Yuck! You can not quite identify why, but the water only tastes “away.” Most people have experienced this scenario, which is something you definitely need to prevent at your institution. Well, fortunately, there’s a very easy treatment for this issue, and it lies in your ice machine: alter your filter.

You should get one of the Legionella ice machine filters at the same time when you buy an ice machine. This will not make your customers ill and leaves you with clean water, that will make ice that tastes great. How many filters you should get is determined by how big your ice machine. Block ice machines need as much as three filters, whereas nugget machine and flake machines just want one or two. Then it’s going to need two filters, in case it makes more than 1200 pounds. Your ice machine filters should be altering to ensure which you’re getting clean ice. The machine will wear out quicker because it’ll be working to purify the water, if you wait a long time to alter the filter.

So what exactly contaminates the ice?

Slime: Should you not keep your commercial ice machine, then slime will start to develop, giving a yellowish, green, or reddish color to the ice.

Chlorination: Water companies add chlorine to water so that you can disinfect it, which can be a procedure called chlorination. While this can kill the waterborne bacteria which are dangerous for your health, additionally, it may leave a peculiar flavor to the water. Filtration will help do away with the remaining chlorine that gives ice an “off” flavor.

Mineral Deposits: Most dissolved minerals aren’t getting removed in the water supply as they’re harmless to people. On the other hand, the ice have an unpleasant odor to it and made with these kinds of contaminants from water will taste odd.