Remodel Gives New Look To Tulsa Resort

Updating An Outdated Look

One of our sister hotels in Tulsa, Oklahoma has undergone a major facelift. From landscape and court yards, to roof tops, and flooring. The furniture choice was also an epic upgrade that complimented the new hardwood floors. The custom oak flooring was an added feature that has brought a look and feel of sophistication to this aged property. Equipped with flat screen TV’s and plush leather seating across the lounge and in the interior of the rooms this resort upgrade deserves a 5 star acknowledgment from it’s peers in and around Tulsa.

New Landscape

tulsa location updated landscapeThe new garden area is a cosmetic upgrade from the older outdated lawns that once covered the front of the property. A man made river bed flowing under the feat of guests as they enter the resorts front entrance is an added touch that sets the property apart from other resorts in Tulsa. The inclusion of shrubs and trees native to Oklahoma added to the home town feel and made even local residence pause in awe at the beautiful work done by ownership.

New Interior Lounge

The lounge area has much improved compared to the outdated design it was before. With modern lighting fixtures, mirrors, a raised ceiling, and new floors this lounge is one that you would not recognize if you had previously been a patron of the resort. The new dining area also offers a more intimate setting, with recessed mood lighting and dimmer switches accessible at each table giving diners the opportunity to make the setting a little more romantic if needed.

Best Overall New Feature – Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooring improves modern lookOverall, our favorite new feature has got to be the addition of the hardwood floors. Gone are the outdated tiles that looked warn and chipped. The new oak flooring is an incredible addition to the interior of this sprawling space. From the entry way, to the lounge, staircase, and rooms, the flooring runs uni-directional through the entire resort. Hand measured, configured, and installed by ( this oak wood flooring is a masterpiece and has easily been my favorite addition to the newly remodeled Tulsa resort.