Plaza Hotel Valet Service Offers Car Detailing

New Plaza Hotel Valet Services That Specializes In Car Detailing

car detailing - interiorThe new Plaza Hotel is reported to offer a valet service like nothing seen before. Apparently, there will be multiple membership levels for regulars that will offer everything from gas fills to full interior/exterior car detailing services. The Plaza has long been known for their customer service and trailblazing innovations, but this news comes as a surprise to guests who welcome the idea of additional automotive car detailing services being offered at the time of check-in. The Plaza reached out to an automotive car detailing service in Oklahoma that provided a service similar to Chase Detailing. The Oklahoma based car detailer stated that their use of superior cleaning materials and solutions was the reason behind the consultation. Their car detailing efforts have been used on the set of major Hollywood films and on the fleet of local police vehicles. The auto detailing services include detailed interior cleaning, and polishing of the dash and console area. The floors are vacuumed as are the seats. A fresh scent will await you as you enter your vehicle for the first time since checking in with a member of the valet team. The exterior detailing will consist of tire polishing, rim polishing, streak free window cleaning, bumper detail, windshield wiper cleaning and replacement, and grill detail. Often times the grill detail is limited to the exterior, but at the Plaza, they will actually lift the hood of your car and detail the radiator area to make sure that the filter is kept clean for future travels. There will also be a custom inspection chart filled out and left for you in the passenger seat. This chart will detail any damage noticed on the car like chips and dings in the doors. Tire pressure will be measured and oil quality will be documented. If the car is need of extensive attention then recommendations will be made accordingly to help facilitate proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming events and featured services here at the Plaza.

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