Renovating The Hotel Lobby

Remodeling Our Entryway And Lobby Area

custom entry area of the hotel

It’s been years since the entryway to our facility sparkled with a finish that welcomed visitors. After some of our rooms were renovated, we took notice of the entry area and made some extreme improvements. The outdated flooring was torn out and replaced with some modern tile work. We added mirrors to the walls to create depth and make the area appear more spacious than it is. Some additional lounge chairs, a couch, and a television set added a much needed lounge feel, giving visitors the opportunity to sit down for a drink and mingle amongst each other. We hired a custom home builder in Oklahoma to draw up the plans and coordinate the renovation. They then managed a local construction crew for demolition and remodel. It took about a day to tear everything out and prepare the interior lobby for the new makeover. Guests were temporarily re-routed to the rear entry where we had a temporary visitors desk setup for check-in and check-out. After the tear out was complete they started with the vanity cabinetry, wall decor, and painting. Soon after that was completed they moved on to installing the flooring which took an extra day because they were short on supplies needed to finish the job. The floors finished up and then the ceiling work was completed that included a new lighting system that added ambience to the foyer area. A custom sound system was also installed that included an integrated PA system for announcements. A bluetooth streaming system was also installed for easy access to channels and playlists for the lobby area. Multiple flat screen displays were also installed with pre-produced video loops that featured our property, menu items, and general news regarding the Plaza Hotel Villa. we are excited about this newly renovated lobby area going into 2018 and expect to have visitors here for the 2017 holiday season which is upon us now. Definitely exciting times for the Hotel.