Your Commercial Ice Machine Wants a Filter

You get to your own favorite eatery. You begin looking through the menu and take a seat. A grinning waiter sets you glass of water down and welcomes you. You grin back, take a nip, and say thank you. Yuck! You can not quite identify why, but the water only tastes “away.” Most people have experienced this scenario, which is something you definitely need to prevent at your institution. Well, fortunately, there’s a very easy treatment for this issue, and it lies in your ice machine: alter your filter.

You should get one of the Legionella ice machine filters at the same time when you buy an ice machine. This will not make your customers ill and leaves you with clean water, that will make ice that tastes great. How many filters you should get is determined by how big your ice machine. Block ice machines need as much as three filters, whereas nugget machine and flake machines just want one or two. Then it’s going to need two filters, in case it makes more than 1200 pounds. Your ice machine filters should be altering to ensure which you’re getting clean ice. The machine will wear out quicker because it’ll be working to purify the water, if you wait a long time to alter the filter.

So what exactly contaminates the ice?

Slime: Should you not keep your commercial ice machine, then slime will start to develop, giving a yellowish, green, or reddish color to the ice.

Chlorination: Water companies add chlorine to water so that you can disinfect it, which can be a procedure called chlorination. While this can kill the waterborne bacteria which are dangerous for your health, additionally, it may leave a peculiar flavor to the water. Filtration will help do away with the remaining chlorine that gives ice an “off” flavor.

Mineral Deposits: Most dissolved minerals aren’t getting removed in the water supply as they’re harmless to people. On the other hand, the ice have an unpleasant odor to it and made with these kinds of contaminants from water will taste odd.